Snails – not only food: in Tunisia, they are bred for the “beauty” of slime (VIDEO)

Улитки - не только еда: в Тунисе их разводят ради «косметической» слизи (ВИДЕО)

A resident of Tunisia Huda education – electronics. But six years ago quit his job and started breeding snails.

This is stated in the plot channel NTD.

At the opening of the farm took ten thousand dollars, but do not need a lot of help. However, difficulties still missing.

“For many years I have overcome them to better develop the business. I collect the slime of snails. This product is of great interest to buyers. After collecting the mucus from snails to cook food,” says farmer Huda Ben Roman.

HUD sells the slime of snails, the local cosmetic companies.

“We learned four years of snail slime and saw that it is rich in hyaluronic acid and collagen. We decided to create a lotion by adding vegetable oil. It very effectively moisturizes and brightens the skin, fights wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes,” said Nabil Kria, founder of Le Naturel.

After collecting the mucus Thin sells snails for restaurants. Ten gastropods are three dollars and a half.

Chef Mohamed is preparing snails to your original recipe.

“We are a Tunisian restaurant and want to support Tunisian products. We have included snails in our menu. This dish became popular, and many customers come for him,” says Mohammed Aziz Smaoui, owner of the restaurant.

The Ministry of agriculture of Tunisia supported the farm for breeding snails. It supplies them with shellfish, helps in breeding and selling. Farmers supply products not only to Tunisian companies, but also European.