Snatched the phone and fled: the inhabitant of Krivoi Rog robbed his own mother

Выхватил телефон и убежал: житель Кривого Рога ограбил родную мать

Photo of the patrol police of Krivoi Rog

July 12, Pokrovsky district of Krivoy Rog robbed the woman.

The incident happened in the neighborhood of the 5th Zarichnyi. The woman snatched from the hands of the mobile phone. The offender fled in an unknown direction. The victim went to the police. The description of the citizen patrol found the man. When he had himself stolen phone, and a receipt from a pawnshop.

It turned out that the probable robber was the son of the victim. He confessed that he had snatched his mother’s cell. The attacker was transferred to the Pokrovsky investigators in the police Department. For a robbery he could face criminal liability.

Alexander Akulenko