“Snickering, but the girl hunger Morita”: Ukrainians criticize photo Rozenko and his girlfriend

"Зажрался, а девочку голодом морит": украинцы критикуют фото Розенко и его девушки

Some time ago, among the well-known Ukrainian personalities a new, quite nebitna couple. We are talking about Paul Rozenko and Elena Cristina Swan.

Elena-Cristina Swan, received the widest recognition as the presenter of the program “Fun in media”, broadcasted on Ukrainian “New channel” on the Russian channel “Friday!”, – a fairly active user of social networking. The girl is not shy to show not only their candid photos, which is always going to have a great many mixed reviews, but not without hunting regularly shares details of his personal life.

In 2018, on one of the social events, the Swan didn’t come alone. Christina appeared at the event with a rather unexpected species – the Vice-Prime Minister and politician Pavlo Rozenko. As Christina says, their romance began with the usual review Rozenko under her photo. The leading phrase of the men did not like, and she wanted to send him to the “black list”, but something kept her. After some time, two young people struck up a conversation and from that moment they are inseparable.

Judging by the photos, which regularly shares dvadtsatisemiletny Swan, the couple not only there is a sharp disagreement, but always something interesting happening. For example, Rozenko constantly gives to his beloved travel and trips to fancy resorts.

"Зажрался, а девочку голодом морит": украинцы критикуют фото Розенко и его девушки