Snipers from the “Azov” carried out of the Donbass Russian mercenaries feet

Снайперы из «Азова» вынесли из Донбасса российских наемников вперед ногами

Despite all attempts to negotiate a truce in the Donbass, the Ukrainian military forced to give an adequate response of fire fighters in their attacks on positions of the APU is writing about

In particular, the Ukrainian defenders of the regiment “Azov” published the video, which depicted as sniper units destroy the Russian mercenaries temporarily occupied Donetsk and Lugansk region of Ukraine. So, on the official YouTube channel of the regiment “Azov” was posted videos, and comments to the video says: “day and night “Azov” to the millions of Ukrainian citizens continued to live in his usual pace. Neither the scorching heat of the Azov sea, nor Svetlodarskoye piercing wind does not hurt “Azov” to perform assigned tasks, protecting the Ukrainian state”.