Snowglobes: the dangerous new term about the relationship

Сноуглобинг: чем опасен новый термин об отношениях

Snowglobe is a relationship that will last only during the holidays.

Unfortunately, romance does not always inspire, delight or make our lives a little better. So, for the holidays people can get into toxic relationships, which are called snowglobe. This is a technical term describing temporal relations, which are tied between two people for the period of winter holidays and cold weather.

This prevents family therapist Gary brown in the American edition of Cosmopolitan, says the channel 24.

Relationships that are characterized by the term snowglobes, can begin in the autumn, when there is a serious not enough vitamin D. the Main purpose of snowglobes to wait out the cold, focusing on the “easy” option and do not stay without a kiss new year’s eve.

After all, the holidays the loneliness is exacerbated because there are a lot of romance and constantly walking couples. And the question about where lonely people will celebrate the New year, may bring to the state of suicide anyone who can’t find a couple for the holidays.

“That’s why snowglobe “give birth” to such a relationship yourself literally anyone, and with the warming disappear, “like a pile of snow in the thaw” – emphasizes the therapist.

How to understand that relationship is snowglobe?

Usually, the partners in such a relationship act like you shoot on a Christmas romantic movie – everything becomes magical, the lights on each house twinkle brighter and the relations develop not gradually but quickly. You are unlikely to introduce each other to friends, and a special enthusiasm in the “loved one” no. It’s like a holiday romance.

Not all relationships that have arisen during the holidays, are doomed. Because the relationship between two people is unpredictable and spontaneous, therefore, to determine their completion or to predict how long it will last is simply impossible. Even the temporary relationships during the holidays can end with a happy ending.

What to do? The main thing – not to become hysterical. Better to enjoy your winter love story and not rush to make plans with a new guy or girl for the summer. Because maybe he / she will disappear before come zero temperature.

Сноуглобинг: чем опасен новый термин об отношениях

Сноуглобинг: чем опасен новый термин об отношениях