So cover up the shoals: Firtash himself, have sold my own property

Так прикрывают косяки: Фирташ сам себе продал свое же имущество

Unfinished Mall Respublika went under the hammer

Billionaire Dmitry Firtash loses. The Deposit guarantee Fund of individuals has sold his unfinished Respublika Mall, on the Ring road in Kiev, four times cheaper than the original cost.

This is stated on the item’s page in the “ProZorro. Sale.”

Asset been pledged for loans of a bankrupt Bank “Nadra”. The project investors Firtash and Vagif Aliyev has planned to build the largest in Ukraine and Eastern Europe SEC. In addition to the unfinished real estate mortgage Bank was a mortgage of three land plots with a total area of 15.72 hectares and property rights according to pre-lease retail space in the Mall.

For 777 million hryvnia unfinished the acquired company “Solteks Capital”. The auction was attended by three companies, but they are the lot not claimed.

“Solteks Capital” came to light just five months ago. The ultimate beneficiary is the citizen of UK. His name Johnson, Robert Alan.

The Respublika Mall construction started in 2012. Commissioning was scheduled for 2014. Total area of 298 thousand square meters, leasable – 135 thousand sq. m. In 2015, the project was suspended by decision of the owner.

Now dreams Firtash will bring completely different people. Namely, authorized persons of the Alan Johnson – Andrew Lechicki and Basil Astion. Journalist Vlad Krasinski detail to find out who these people are, as reported on his page in the social network.

Vasily Nikolaevich, is a man of very active life and amazing health. His dad Mykola Astion, was the head of the Kiev organized crime control Department when killed Georgy Gongadze, and then became the Deputy of the General Alexey pukacha. Father-in-law of Basil, Astion Mikhail Koshlyak, curator of the power block of the group “Privat”. After detention Gennady Korban in his house searched.

Vasily Nikolaevich works the Deputy of the Dnepropetrovsk regional Council, is at a fraction of “Vidrodzhennya”, the President of the local judo Federation.

Vasily Nikolaevich also suspected raider seizure of several farms. As the owner of Dnipro Agro Alliance, bought there share of Vitaly Homutynnik. Who had been an assistant in the Verkhovna Rada of VI convocation and Boris Filatov, the VIII convocation.

But we should not sympathize with Firtash. There is speculation that the billionaire is co-owner of “Solteks Capital”, and the company organized specifically for these trades. So it’s not so bad Firtash in the house.

Так прикрывают косяки: Фирташ сам себе продал свое же имущество