“So much for a “platform” for national reconciliation – with the hustle and insults”. Social networks discuss the conflict with the nationalists Sivoho

"Такая вот "платформа" национального примирения - с толкотней и оскорблениями". Соцсети обсуждают конфликт Сивохо с националистами

March 12, Congress-exhibition centre “Park” in Kiev, a freelance adviser to the Secretary of the NSDC for reintegration and recovery of Donbass Sergey Sivoho presented the so-called National reconciliation and unity, the purpose of which is to establish a dialogue between the different regions of the country. The presentation was attended by representatives of the party “national corps”, veterans of the regiment “Azov” and disrupted the event. They called Sivoho a traitor and “cotton the clown”, pushed in the back, and then he fell.

Users of social networks are not left without attention the event. “GORDON” have compiled the most interesting comments.

Sivoho himself said that not everyone in Ukraine are interested in peace. Thus he commented on the current breakdown initiated by the National platform of reconciliation and unity.

“A paradoxical situation – after a treacherous words Sivoho about the “inner conflict” the President has not made their Advisor no comments. And then intervened by those who fought for Ukraine and staged a “internal conflict” at the presentation. A huge challenge for Zelensky and who should be punished? Someone said about the “inner conflict” in the Donbass, or who gave “internal conflict” at the presentation? But is it possible to punish someone for “internal conflict”?” – asked the chief editor of the Censor.NO Yuri Butusov.

“With regards to the situation with Sivakou. If the government and the environment Zelensky will continue to use Russian narratives, like “internal conflict” instead of “Russian invasion”, the brawl quickly goes to the past and Ukraine has spilled blood. This is what the Kremlin wants. That is why the government and its representatives shall cease to provoke citizens into conflict with his Pro-Russian message and call things by their right names,” said former independent MP Borislav Birch.

“The reaction to “National reconciliation and unity” is eloquent. About any reconciliation and unity of the question. Sivoho offers us not a formula for unity, and the formula for the humiliation of Ukraine, the formula of surrender to the Kremlin. Begin to talk about reconciliation is possible only after will be assigned a fair punishment for those who started this war against Ukraine and continues every day to cause irreparable harm to the Ukrainian families. All the other scenarios is speculation, based on the Russian thesis of “civil war” and “internal conflict”, – shared his opinion the people’s Deputy from “European solidarity” Alexey Goncharenko.

“Such is the “platform of” national reconciliation turned out – with the hustle and insults with cunning answers to a direct question and the fall of the responsible person in the literal and figurative sense of the word. In short, what a platform is and reconciliation”, – said the chief editor of the newspaper “Facts” Aleksandr Shvets.

“With every scum that talks about the “inner conflict”, “civil war” and pursues a policy of reconciliation with Russia, we must act firmly. Or even very hard. With Sivoho did still very light. Zelensky need to determine and clearly articulate to the Ukrainian society – was attacked by Russia in Ukraine or attacked?” considers volunteer, member of the Volyn regional Council Konstantin Zinkevich.

“Now we have another line break Moscow’s sabotage and reconnaissance groups directly in Kiev. Performed Sivoho it’s really more like rotten old Russian bast. But these clowns only want to divert attention and skilful reorientation of the attacks of some ersatz patriots. Anti-Ukrainian campaign is coordinated by the more cynical, a skilled and inveterate scoundrels,” wrote the political scientist Taras Chornovil.

“Wholeheartedly support the boys that are now Sivakou talked. Too many decent we buried to eat these q stories,” – said the former member of the ATO Paul Tuck.

“Sivoho so insignificant that he was expelled even from his own presentation,” wrote blogger Anton Hoja.

“In a situation with Sivakou all elementary. You just need to stop pushing in the back”, writes journalist Alexander Sworn.