Sobchak brought to tears Buzova directly to the show: dove decrepit my

Собчак довела Бузову до слез прямо на шоу: голубка дряхлая моя

Ksenia Sobchak asked Olga Buzova for an interview, and she finally agreed.

The scandalous Russian singer, TV presenter and more recently entrepreneur Olga Buzova strongly loves to attract attention on the page in Instagram. Recently, the celebrity boasted short videos, taking part in the show no less scandalous Ksenia Sobchak “Beware Sobchak!”. So, the actress first sat in an informal setting, and then went to the café Olga, which is located in the center of Moscow. As a result, she brought the singer to tears, because the atmosphere was quite tense.

“Xenia… Xenia, time is running out and you don’t change?? xenia_sobchak you persuaded me long for an interview????… waited I waited promised to our “women talk”, but it turned out…. see for yourself what happened to the links in my storys?Immediately comes to mind is the phrase “came to us the auditor”?… well, okay. A friend of my days severe

dove decrepit my… Xue, what you would do, I still love you!??15 years we are already familiar, and a lot of things have gone through…??? This conversation I will remember forever! I told about the secret, about what was even afraid to admit to myself! What came out of it, look in the new issue of “Beware Sobchak!” on her channel.???We spent more than 12 hours? in the program, however, includes only 1.5 hours, and Ksenia a lot of cut his revelations?? But know Ksenia, I’m going to interview, will remember everything…?? And I still insist you to go to my concert and play? “- shared His emotions.

Followers will not have passed: “what a reverent conversation?”, “Olga, did not have to agree to show with this snake.”, “I decided pushing each other?”, “Sobchak evil!!!!”, “Two fools?”.

Собчак довела Бузову до слез прямо на шоу: голубка дряхлая моя