Sobchak is rigidly pinned Timothy to the broadcast of the popular show

Собчак жестко подколола Тимати в эфире популярного шоу

The journalist said that, unlike the rapper, not going to do disgusting things.

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Ksenia Sobchak once again rigidly walked through Timothy, who recently offended her. The presenter quipped of rapper on the popular program.

Ksenia Sobchak became a member of the next episode Comment Out where the stars should either write provocative comments to “Instagram” their colleagues, or to perform unpleasant punishment. The presenter said that some of the jobs she refuses, for example, won’t eat anything disgusting.

“Well, it *** (screw – Approx. ed.) your games. If *** (stuff – Approx. ed.) to eat, it to Timothy”,

– said Xenia. Thus she continued a squabble with his former friend in the early 2000s, stars periodically appear together in public, and even recorded the clip joint.

This statement Sobchak was not a response to the rapper posts in the “Instagram” where he swore at the blonde, calling her an animal. The program was recorded prior to this event, on June 6 that even a stressed host Vladimir Marconi.

Previously Timothy also reminded the journalist a mockery of the tragedy of Stas Kostushkin that the child was a victim of violence. However, some stars found Sobchak excuse. Alexander Gudkov is convinced that the artist therefore only drew attention to the problem.