Social networks have amazing pictures of VAZ-2104 on avtonomera

Соцсети изумило фото ВАЗ-2104 на еврономерах

VAZ-2104 on the Czech rooms… of Course, in Ukraine!

We already wrote that in Ukraine on avtonomera can be seen not only Audi, BMW and Renault, but also vases with Gases. In General, the novelty of the “Soviet EuroBLECH” already precisely will not name, however every time in social networks there is a photo of the respective car, the audience becomes fascinated.

So, for example, occurred with a VAZ-2104 on the Czech rooms, which is noticed in Nikolaev. Some users of Facebook (namely, there was published the) openly wondered what he saw, others joked with a degree of anger in the spirit “and even paid extra for the export of this suspici”. A similar reaction was not so long ago on the VAZ-2112 with the Lithuanian numbers.