Sociologists have identified the attitude of Belarusians to the Union with Russia

Социологи выявили отношение белорусов к союзу с Россией

The majority of Belarusians are in favor of allied and partnership relations with Russia. This is evidenced by the results of the research Center spatial analysis of international relations of MGIMO, informs the newspaper “Kommersant”.

About 60% of respondents said they believe the most viable option “allied” relations with Moscow, while 31.8 per cent said the expectation of “partnerships”. Thus, good relations of Russia and Belarus spoke of 89.4% of respondents.

Only 0.2% of respondents would prefer a “hostile” relations between the two countries.

More than half of the respondents said they visit in Russia once a year or less, 21.4% of respondents visited the country regularly, and 23.2 percent said that had not been in Russia ever. Still 21.4% of respondents reported that visiting the country several times a year.

In the survey, social scientists have collected 500 complete questionnaires and made 7 phone calls to residents of all regions of Belarus different ages.

Previously, Alexander Lukashenko has called “his” Kaliningrad oblast.