Sokolova rigidly walked the barnstormer at rostv

Соколова жестко прошлась по гастролеру на росТВ

Journalist Yanina Sokolova defeated the former Deputy of the Kharkiv city Council Andrey Lesik for slander in the address of Ukraine to the Russian propaganda TV. There he stated that he was placed on 76 days in jail for allegedly non-existent post in the social network.

Harsh criticism of a collaborator she made in a broadcast of his show “an Evening with Yanina Sokolova” (to see the video, dockrillia the page to the end).

“There is a category of people who wear the mask, stick the hose in the ass and touch myself. Usually they hide in a cupboard – there they find. But there are even more sophisticated – they put on the head of “Russian world”, inserted in the ass mandate “the Opposition platform” and drive others*ing in the Studio “60 minutes.” Meet – Andrew Lesik. Affected people for their position within a word, and got under a skating rink “fascist junta”!” – zatrollit presenter of the controversial defector.

She recalled that the forest was a Deputy of Kharkiv city Council from 2010 to 2015. May 17, 2016, the deputies of Kharkiv city Council stripped him of his parliamentary mandate, and December 15, 2017 Lesik was detained by the SBU and police in the Lugansk region.

So, being the Deputy of the Kharkov city Council, the controversial politician called to change the borders of Ukraine and, in particular, in Odessa, – block the road junctions with the aim of preventing the movement of the military and police to conduct an illegal referendum.

In March 2018 he announced the suspicion of committing crimes under part 2 of article 342 of part 2 of article 345 of the Criminal code of Ukraine (resistance to law enforcement officers and causing them slight injuries).

“Dear experts, attention a question! How many would have received not respecting Lesik in the country of “freedom and democracy” in the Russian Federation, calls for the overthrow of the state system, the non-recognition of borders, attempting to hold a referendum about separation of the Krasnoyarsk territory in favor of great Mongolia, and for causing injury to law enforcement? Answers: 76 days in jail, nine months of house arrest, a kiss from Putin, 76 hectares of forest and nine months of pregnancy from other inmates?” sarcastically said Sokolov.

“He complains about the horrors of “junta” on the TV of the country where even fart near a COP is impossible, and for the non-recognition of borders of the capital of the region is available carpet bombing. Here are the laws in Ukraine! That’s crazy! 76 days! But is it horror? Then he started to broadcast about the real hell!” – ironically the presenter.

Then she showed pretend complaint Lesik that through him the court had to defend the restoration of their parliamentary powers.

“You, yourself, douchebag, okay? You pursued the “fascist” state machine, which you wanted to overthrow, and you defended their right in court! In the country “dictatorship” in court! Yes, it’s the most Pro-Ukrainian plot for six years on Russian television!” – ridiculed the journalist a traitor of Ukraine.