Solar Eclipse in December 2019: where and when can be seen

In December, the earthlings will be able to see the next solar Eclipse. It will be a rare annular Eclipse. Unfortunately, in Ukraine it will not be visible.

When will a solar Eclipse

This annular Eclipse will occur on December 26 2019. It will take place in several phases:

  • Start of Eclipse: 4:29:53 Moscow time;
  • Start of partial Eclipse: 5:34:33 (Kyiv);
  • Maximum Eclipse: 7:17:46 (EET)
  • The end of partial Eclipse: 9:00:55 (EET)
  • End of Eclipse: 10:05:40 (Kyiv time).

In General, the maximum phase of the Eclipse will last 3 minutes, 40 seconds.

Where can you see a solar Eclipse?

It is best that a solar Eclipse will be visible in Asia, East Africa and North Australia.

In particular, the phenomenon will be well visible almost in all of Japan, China and North and South Korea.

But in Europe, Turkey, North-Russia, Kamchatka, far East, Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands the Eclipse will not be visible. You will not see it in the Ukrainians.

What is a solar Eclipse?A solar Eclipse is an astronomical phenomenon during which the Moon covers (fully or partially) the Sun from observations on the Ground. This Eclipse will occur in the period of Saros (period of recurrence of solar eclipses). So December 26 will be a repeat of the Eclipse on 14 December 2001. The next Eclipse of this Saros will be held on January 5, 2038.

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