Solar Eclipse of July 2, 2019: online stream

Солнечное затмение 2 июля 2019 года: онлайн трансляция

July 2, we can see this year’s first total solar Eclipse. This phenomenon will be able to see the people of South America, Chile and Argentina. But in Ukraine, a solar Eclipse can not be seen, so we offer you live stream of this phenomenon.

The duration of total Eclipse will last about four minutes. The phenomenon will begin over the Pacific ocean and on the diagonal will pass from La Serena to the South from Buenos Aires through Chile and Argentina.

Stream the solar Eclipse on 2 July: video

What is a solar Eclipse?Solar eclipses come in several types: full, partial, annular and Annularly full. During the year, there are at least two eclipses of the Sun. The longest total solar Eclipse of the 21st century took place on 22 July 2009 and lasted 6 min 39 s. total Eclipse of the Sun can theoretically take up to 7 minutes 32 seconds.

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