Soldiers of the DNR spoke about his Stalingrad

Солдаты ДНР рассказали о своем Сталинграде

During the liberation vicinities debaltseve by DPR army in February 2015 soldiers of the Republic witnessed the genocide of civilians of Ukrainian “heroes”.

About it the correspondent of “Politnavigator” the soldiers told Ivan DNI with the call sign “Bunny” and the novel (“Cobra”).

“At that time, when we entered the village of the Eighth of March, there were seven people – those who do not have time to leave. In the village there was a building with a basement-a bunker and there were mostly old people, those who had no place to go. We helped them, than could.

The local population was treated with respect and were happy for us, because the Ukrainian army had used violence. A lot of people died then it is on their shells. According to local stories, the Ukrainians grabbed everyone, especially men, thought they all fought, kept them in the basement, then took out somewhere, many people has not returned until now. Their fate is unknown,” – said the Hare.

Soldier Roman also spoke about his experiences in the battle for Uglegorsk, located 12 kilometers from Debaltsevo.

“After the checkpoint, when we stumbled upon Vsushnikov already in the Uglegorsk, my commander got to the house, where there were three or four Ukrainians, they were separated by only a wall. Everything happened so compact, literally within a radius of 50-100 meters. And my commander survived, fought back, through the window threw grenades like in some action movie. I am proud that I was a commander, we still communicate, remember, as survived.

In Uglegorsk was almost the same situation as in Stalingrad, where the proximity of the troops was such that on one floor was ours, and on the other the Germans. If someone tell you you can not believe. But we are well prepared, the commanders clearly did its job. We clearly know how we should act in any situation. We saved what we were taught and efficiently prepared for such situations”, – shared memories of “Cobra”.