Soloist rock band “Huntress Jill Janus has committed suicide – 24 Channel

Солістка рок-гурту "Huntress" Джилл Джанус покінчила життя самогубством - 24 Канал

Vocalist of the famous band “Huntress Jill Janus died at the age of 43 years. Suddenly, all the relatives and friends actress has committed suicide.

In Oregon, in the US, found the body of a famous singer Jill Janus. The star was the vocalist of the rock band “Huntress” and was considered one of the most beautiful performer in the style of “metal”.

According to law enforcement, the death of the actress came on August 14. The police considers the version of suicide, however, while the details of the death of Jill Janus was not disclosed.

The tragic news was confirmed by the participants of the “Huntress”. In the note, the musicians confirmed the speculation of law enforcement, noting that the star has long struggled with mental illness and suffered from depression. Said this herself Jill Janus, attracting public attention to people with problems of the psyche.

Jill Janus – singer of the Californian heavy metal band “Huntres” – died Tuesday, August 14. For a long time she had a mental illness and settled in Oregon. Janus spoke publicly about their health problems, hoping to guide others to address and overcome this common problem in the world
– said the band “Huntress”.


Note that the tragic news has upset a lot of people, because creativity Jill Janus was admired by thousands of fans worldwide. American was recognized as the most beautiful singer of the rock band.

Sing Jill Janus started in childhood. Subsequently, she began to realize the numerous musical projects, including her role as a singer in female rock programs “The Starbreakers” and “Chelsea Girls”. In addition, Jill Janus was a co-author and Creator of the rock Opera, which was recorded together with Angus Clark.

In the US, the singer was known not only for her work, but charity work. Jill Janus on television raised the issue of mental health, the problems of animal protection in the whole of medicine.

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