Some care is needed hands in the winter?

Какой уход нужен рукам зимой?

In cold hands in need of special care. Because frosts do their work: your skin becomes dry, chapped, red, irritated. In other words, the hands will not look their best.

How to take care of hands in winter, told doctor-dermatologist Gregory Goldin. Hand cream

Your skin will be much prettier and healthier if you regularly in winter to use the cream. Moisturizing, nourishing and protective – we must start from what kind of skin you have. However, such a secret must not forget not only in the winter. Year-round use of cosmetic products will allow the hands to be well groomed.

Warm water

Do not put hands even greater stress and wash them in cool or even icy water. The heat that is necessary for the care of hands. Warm water and natural soap will allow your skin to be perfect. And in any case do not go out in winter with wet hands.

Cuticle oil

Winter needs care and cuticle. It is most on the hands prone to dryness. Moisturize it with special oils. It is necessary to choose oil with vitamin E, to apply them in a circular motion. A light hand massage will enhance blood circulation and improve skin condition.


Peeling is one of the most important treatments for hands and skin. It gently removes dead skin cells of the stratum corneum and makes your hands softer.

Laser resurfacing

If proven methods to care for your hands fail, you can use cosmetic. One of the most effective is laser resurfacing of the skin. It has a rejuvenating effect, smoothes the surface and stimulates collagen production.

Infrared lifting

This procedure stimulates collagen production. In the area of the patient feels a slight heat, but no discomfort is felt. As a result, the hands become firmer and the skin flattens out.


The injection of plasma is also very effective in terms of hand care. The plasma taken from the patient’s blood. It contains growth factors that improve metabolic processes, stimulating the production of hyaluronic acid and collagen.


To eliminate brown spots will allow this procedure. It can be done at any age. The essence of the procedure is to use a broadband pulsed light that coagulates a pigment. As a result, the hands become younger, smoother color.

Какой уход нужен рукам зимой?

Какой уход нужен рукам зимой?

Какой уход нужен рукам зимой?

Какой уход нужен рукам зимой?

Какой уход нужен рукам зимой?