Some delicacies can be very dangerous for health

Некоторые деликатесы могут быть очень опасны для здоровья

Surstromming – fermented herring with a smell of rot. The stench so pungent that the dish is eaten only outdoors.

From Kiev Daria also tried a traditional Swedish delicacy. Says, once forced myself to eat one piece of fish was sick.

“In a couple of hours my stomach hurt. All the symptoms were as if poisoning spoiled. I realized that the whole thing is in the fish. More I such experiments with this trendy fish has not conducted”, – said the victim.

Can be dangerous and French cheeses, warns nutritionist Ruslan Shadrin. In the so-called fermentation inside this product are larvae of various parasites, which are carriers of infection. Such popular but unhealthy delicacies – a lot. For example, Italian cured meats prosciutto.

“The use of this red meat increases the risk of colon cancer by 17 percent. This information, which was published just a few years ago, the world health organization,” warns nutritionist.

I do not advise the world health organization, there are the world famous Norwegian fish. After extensive research toxicologist Kurat Odetalla said: salmon and trout – most harmful of all known.

Employees of the Norwegian fish farms are added to the water of strong pesticides, which provide salmon with toxic substances. The consumption of this fish can lead to poisoning. Is it harmful.

The use of such fish can even change human genetics, but it says a technician can lead to death.

From Swedish surstromming better to refuse, I’m sure a geneticist Darya Loseva, and Norwegian salmon and trout should be replaced with the same Ukrainian origin. Cheese is also not worth it, and jerky can be eaten as often as three times a year.