Some pockets of fire in the Chernobyl zone it is impossible to begin to extinguish

Некоторые очаги пожара в Чернобыльской зоне невозможно начать тушить

In some areas fire can’t approach fire fighting equipment.

Acting head of the State Agency of Ukraine on exclusion zone management Ekaterina Pavlova said that some pockets of fire which occurs in the Chernobyl zone, it is impossible to begin to extinguish.

As the correspondent of the UNIAN reports, she announced this during an online briefing.

“We can say that there are large areas of the exclusion Zone and some fires, they are in places where machinery can’t go. We can see a drone, with Aero investigations, there is lit, but there is no road access, clearing, anything to drive up and put out the fire,” she said.

April 6, police detained a suspect in the fire. It was them 27-the summer inhabitant of the village Rahivka. As explained to the young man the police, he abandoned near a local farm for fun in several places, burned wild grass. Then the fire by the wind moved on, and he was unable to cope and extinguish the fire.

Handed to the detained man suspected in causing a fire under part 1 of article 245 (destruction or damage of objects of flora) of the Criminal code of Ukraine. The sanction of article provides for a fine of 3 to 500 non-taxable minimum incomes of citizens or restriction of freedom for a period from 2 to 5 years, or imprisonment for the same term.