Some repairs at the schools of the Dnieper over 28 million hryvnia

Какие ремонты проведут в школах Днепра за 28 миллионов гривен

The city Council announced a number of tenders for repairs of educational institutions. What and where repaired – read the material the Informant Money.

The Department of humanitarian policy of the Dnieper the city Council plans in the near future to carry out major repairs of kitchens and bathrooms in a Specialized school №134 of humanistic training and education (the cost of repairs up to 10 million 513 983 thousand UAH.) School №142 ecological-economic profile (up to 8 72 million 552 thousand UAH.) SOSH n 31 (8 169 million 891 thousand UAH.). It is expected that there will be construction and painting of the ceilings, coating their plates, construction waterproofing walls for protection from moisture, wall coverings ceramic slabs, construction of thermal and acoustic insulation of walls, replacement of steel water pipes and cast iron sewage pipes in plastic, laying of plastic pipes for electrical wiring, installing water heaters, removal of old and installation of new plumbing components, and other work.

School No. 134 and No. 31 have to finish before September 1, 2020, school № 142 – until 27 August 2020.

For the amount of up to 607 thousand 190 UAH. will hold a current repair of the premises and in the youth center (Gladkova str., 8). Among the works will include painting walls, prefabricated structures, installation of perforated plaster corners, cover walls and ceilings with a thin layer of plaster, installation of baseboards, installation of polyethylene pipes for electric wiring and fixtures for fluorescent lamps, and other works.

All work must finish by August 17, 2019.