Some residents of the Dnieper “prevent” pipe heating systems

Некоторым жителям Днепра «мешают» трубы теплосети

Because of this, they are asking the city Council of the Dnieper to “solve” this problem.

In the Internet appeared the petition, which proposes to “hide” under the ground all the pipes of the heating system in the city.

According to the author, the petition, currently “by-passes” – a system of external heat supply, which is used only as a temporary or emergency measure. So, all communication should initially underground.

The Complainant complains that we always have temporary becomes permanent. Some of the Bypasses, according to him, there are already 20-25 years old. Some of them do not even work, not to mention the fact that it looks quite aesthetically pleasing.

The collection of signatures is given another 88 days. To vote for this petition at the link.