Something about repairs of Arcelor in Krivoy Rog, Advisor of the administration and paving tiles

Кое-что о ремонтах Арселора в Кривом Роге, советнике Вилкула и тротуарной плитке

Near the building of Executive Committee of Kryvyi Rih city Council is in full swing reconstruction. Workers laid new tile, landscaped square and even repair the fountain.

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This Kryvyi Rih landmark undertook to repair the organization OOO “Trading house Instal”. The company is registered in the village of Chkalovka Krivoy Rog district.

In 2018 the company is actively working in the public sector, although there are more than 10 years. Among the main customers of its services only two companies: cptm “Krivorozhstali” and the Department of infrastructure development. Together they for the half year issued transactions in 14 million. The first organization company installs heat meters, while the second receives contracts repairs drainage pump stencil and maintenance of the fountain.

Despite the fact that according to the reply of Ivan Kary’s request rurality site First of Krivoy Rog, on the project documentation for the repair of the fountain of Youth has allocated 67 thousand, to the tender documentation draft of the repair is not applied. And the purchase is not contract. What specific equipment will be repaired and at what price, almost 1.5 million is not exactly known.

It is only known that it is planned to restore the drainage system of the fountain, around it, replace tiles, repair of the bowl, a retaining wall and to dismantle the old fixtures.


The tender for the replacement of paving around the Council won herbelin FLP of Elena Bonner. Earlier this lady was engaged in wholesale trade in the markets, but then closed the business and retrained for a different type of activity – manufacture of articles of concrete for construction.

Interestingly, Mrs. Gebelein the assets of another enterprise – OOO “Restim”. This organization for 3 million developed documentation for houses condominiums Krivoy Rog, from which many presidents refuse, as it is made “from a lantern”. In the project documents specified a non-existent elements of homes incorrectly stated the number of storeys, no basements and other mistakes of the contractor.

But the entrepreneur in this time is the OOO chose to work through the FLP is likely to reduce the cost of taxes.

Needless to say that this purchase does not have design documents or contract. It is only known that 1 360 of 333.00 UAH to pay the performer works only after the signing of the act of the object, it was after August 31.

Repair of the square

Tender for renovation works to overhaul part of the square worth 4 million went to the LLC “Building Alliance Building.” Manages the organization man with the familiar name of Gebelein. Only now male.

Herbelin Eugene Leonardovich is the beneficial owner and Director of LLC “Building Alliance Building.” He, judging by the age, is the husband of Mrs. Herbelin, which has already put tiles around the building, which take all major decisions for city residents.

But this tender has been attached to the contract to perform repair work. Of his Informant learned that rabochie company “Construction Alliance Construction” they are going to conduct a large-scale demolition work, to repair the Playground and to refurbish the fountain, lay more than 1000 square meters of tiles, install granite slabs 3 cm thick from Sophia fields, and more. Further details of the planned jobs can be found by downloading the contract on the website of tender.

What connects the square tile and the fountain near the town hall with ArcelorMittal Krivoy Rog

Interestingly, earlier, a couple of Gebelein failed miserably work to replace the tiles on the prospectus of Metallurgists. This contract the company “Construction Alliance Construction” received from the Charitable Fund ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih.

Metallurgical enterprise within the contract of partnerships the city has allocated UAH 10 million for the replacement of paving and outdoor lighting along the Avenue of Metallurgists in the area of the Park named after B. Khmelnytsky.

Work on the Sotsgorod started in April and was to be completed by the celebration of Europe Day. Have replaced the network lighting and installed led lighting. But paving tiles, apparently, put hastily. However, the contractor, without the consent of replaced type and size of tiles, and materials of bedding. All this is largely caused deformation of pavements.

Reading: the Avenue, which was repaired in Krivoy Rog to Dneprope, began to crumble.

Today, Arcelor is talking about the replacement of a contractor and termination of the contract, but the company still hope that the work will be redone, and the disadvantages eliminated.

Why the company got in touch with this unscrupulous contractor as “Building the Alliance Structure” is not known. By a representative of the press service in the comments said that “this particular company was chosen for several reasons – first, she suggested that the cost is lower than others they had in stock tile. And, secondly, they had a positive experience with the city Council. Namely, several successfully completed projects commissioned by the Department of education, the Department of infrastructure, Department for capital construction”.

Where such a wealth of experience and excellent business reputation of the company, zaregistrirovany June 15, 2018, and which at that time was less than a year – hard to say. Then the company was only able to boast repair of the sewage system in DYUSSH No. 10 and the implementation of a number of demolition and repair works for small amounts.

But at some point the success of the company “Building Alliance Building” went up the hill. And by the middle of 2019 in the asset of the organization was the only budget tenders 24 million.

Perhaps this is due to the fact that one of the founders and managers of the company is Dmitry Goryunov, who later decided to change the site in a bureaucratic office.

Dmitry Valerievich in early may of 2019 gets a job in the Executive Committee of Kryvyi Rih city Council, where he headed the Department for state architectural and construction control. What it is not the first experience of cooperation with city government. Since March 2019 Dmitry Goryunov is also an Advisor of the mayor Yuriy Vilkul and the income Declaration specifies wages received in “Building Alliance Building.”

On why the company is under the control of the person Krivoy Rog mayor took his team so poorly executed work on the Avenue of Metallurgists, you can write a separate story.

Maybe now when the LLC “Building Alliance Construction” led by Eugene Herbelin, repairs of the square and the brick paving will be completed on time and at the highest quality. Alas, this is not accurate.

Кое-что о ремонтах Арселора в Кривом Роге, советнике Вилкула и тротуарной плитке

Кое-что о ремонтах Арселора в Кривом Роге, советнике Вилкула и тротуарной плитке

Кое-что о ремонтах Арселора в Кривом Роге, советнике Вилкула и тротуарной плитке

Кое-что о ремонтах Арселора в Кривом Роге, советнике Вилкула и тротуарной плитке

Кое-что о ремонтах Арселора в Кривом Роге, советнике Вилкула и тротуарной плитке

Кое-что о ремонтах Арселора в Кривом Роге, советнике Вилкула и тротуарной плитке