Sometimes it comes back: coronavirus threat presented a surprise, what can be expected

Иногда он возвращается: коронавирус преподнес опасный сюрприз, чего ждать Украине

Medical laboratory in a military hospital

The coronavirus is spreading rapidly across the planet, hitting with the same efficiency of the inhabitants of Asia, Europe and America, and regularly surprises for scientists and doctors. For example, recently it became known that even those people who successfully underwent a dangerous disease, can’t feel safe. Given the disturbing news, “Apostrophe” has tried to understand the situation and find the answer to the question of what needs to be done in Ukraine to protect themselves from the spread of the epidemic.

Coronavirus loves surprises

Virus epidemic COVID-2019, more commonly known as “Chinese coronavirus”, fell to the world community, as snow on the head and continues to present a deadly surprises. The number of patients and the geographical spread, is growing steadily day by day, governments around the world complain, and scientists just shrug their shoulders and continue the study of the insidious virus. To date, only according to official figures the number of infected is approaching 80 thousand More than 2000 people died from the virus. However, more than 25 thousand people have successfully recovered from the disease, and many are already leaving the quarantine facility. But this, at first glance, a positive statistic gives only a false hope for a speedy end coronavirus nightmare. Indeed, as shown by the validity of the coronavirus has the habit to go back to where he was waiting for.

As it turned out, even if the patient recovered and was released from quarantine, there is no guarantee that in the near future it will not have to be hospitalized with recurrent infection. Moreover, in the period between illness and relapse, the patient can also be a source of infection. And this scientists have warned the international community for several days

So, Zhang Qinyuan, Director of the center for the prevention and treatment of pneumonia in the “Sino-Japanese friendship hospital,” he said during a briefing that “for those patients who have recovered, there is the likelihood of recurrence. Antibodies to fight the virus produced in the body, but do not last long and therefore are not protected from re-infection. For many patients who have recovered, there is a chance of recurrence.”

Property of the coronavirus to return has become a serious challenge for scientists. Because infectious diseases such a phenomenon – very unusual. “In many infectious diseases a person can develop immunity against a particular strain after exposure or infection,” – said the American media Professor in the Department of global health and epidemiology from George Mason University Amir of Roes. “And this man is not sick again the next exposure to the pathogen. Scientists seek the answer to the question of how this particular strain of coronavirus can cause re-infection,” – said the researcher.

The researchers confirmed in practice. As of February 24, according to news Agency South China Morning Post the authorities of Hubei province – the epicenter of the epidemic, registered 195 cases of dual infection with coronavirus. Although forced a two-week quarantine for patients who already seems to have completely overcome the disease, was introduced on February 22.

Global offensive “the new plague”

Public statements by representatives of China are the opposite. In particular, on a press-conferences in Moscow the Ambassador of China in Russia Zhang Hongwei said that “re-infection with coronavirus is impossible”, than simply ignored the findings of scientists and media reports. Against the background of such outright “fraud” by the official Chinese government assumptions of experts that the true extent of the epidemic of the coronavirus China hides from the world, look very believable.

Иногда он возвращается: коронавирус преподнес опасный сюрприз, чего ждать Украине

Ambulance in China

However, the danger from the new discoveries of scientists and double the games the Chinese authorities would be significantly smaller, if it were only China. Indeed, over the past few days a wave of outbreaks of coronavirus has swept across the world – from Iran to the United States. The largest of these occurred in South Korea, where just a week have counted more than 800 patients, were quarantined for nearly 8 thousand soldiers and stopped conscription. Tellingly, to reach the threshold of 800 patients in Korea it took three times less time than Wuhan at the beginning of the epidemic. That may indicate either that the coronavirus can spread much faster than previously thought, or that China from the very beginning concealed the extent of the epidemic.

However, a much greater concern is an outbreak of coronavirus in Italy. Although it is lower than in Korea, but happened abruptly and unexpectedly, and this despite the fact that transport from China to Italy ceased. Now in Italy more than 200 confirmed cases of infection, for 7 people became victims of the disease, the life of the country is paralysed, and people panicked. European countries impose quarantine measures on the directions of transport of Italy, but given the coronavirus loves surprises, particularly optimistic these measures do not cause.

The rapid spread of the disease gives the impression that it is already on the threshold of Ukraine. The question is, is our country to stand up to him, becomes for us a matter of survival.

How can Ukraine defend itself against coronavirus threat?

The first line of defence in a pandemic is a reliable border control and transport traffic through the country. It is possible that because of the spread of coronavirus, just to control arriving from certain countries where the epidemic is cleared, it will not succeed. Will have to keep a “perimeter defense”. And Ukraine may not be ready for such measures.

“To ensure good epidemiological control at the boundaries is quite a difficult task. This should do all the structures, security forces, doctors and border guards. Since horizontal cooperation at the level of enforcement in Ukraine is often a problem, the organization and provision of such a control should engage the national security Council, as a single Supervisory authority. The decision of the NSDC should be not formal, but concrete and practical, eliminating randomness. Unfortunately, the practice exercises on the organization of counter-epidemiological threat in our country in the past few years was absent, so the quality of coordination between agencies is necessary to guess only. But the problem is that the process of preparing a full-fledged border control needed to initiate, when only came the first reports from China. Because such situations always are developing very rapidly. And we’re already wasting a lot of time, in particular, are absolutely worthless information campaign. So we must act very quickly”, – told the “Apostrophe” Oleg Slobodyan, Border service Colonel in resignation.

Иногда он возвращается: коронавирус преподнес опасный сюрприз, чего ждать Украине

Exercises in Boryspil

Effective epidemiological control at the borders of Ukraine is very important because it is impossible to prevent penetration of the coronavirus to our country, because in epidemiological agencies of Ukraine there are a number of problems, which can be fatal. As told to “Apostrophe” doctor of medical Sciences, head of Department of infectious diseases of national medical University named after O. O. Bogomolets Olga Golubovska, after Ukraine broke up the sanitary-epidemiological service, it is not creating anything, our country is not considered ready for the outbreak.

At the same time, the Ukrainian government has already taken certain measures. In particular, the Chairman of the State border service Sergey Deineko said that all 32 checkpoints across the state border of Ukraine will be transferred to the regime of temperature screening of passengers. 25 Feb enter check the body temperature of passengers at a vehicle checkpoint Tisza in Transcarpathian region. “Covered all the checkpoints first Ukrainian-Hungarian section. This work will be carried out in all the checkpoints. Now they are 32 – road, air and rail. Not one passenger, which will have pronounced symptoms of the disease, will not be on the territory of Ukraine unnoticed,” he assured Deyneko.

The Deputy Minister of health Viktor Lyashko also said about introducing temperature screening at all border checkpoints at the state border. “This is one of the elements of a large set of measures that can prevent the spread in Ukraine of the pathogen coronavirus infection,” – said Lyashko.