“Son Friske your son?”: Shepelev can use your position and conduct a DNA test with Plato

Dmitry Shepelev, host of “actually” on the First channel, may make an examination of DNA, taking advantage of his official position.

The thing is that his ex-wife, singer Jeanne Friske, who died from cancer in 2015, not just suspected of infidelity spouse. Rumor has it that the singer gave birth to the son of Plato from a rich man who became her donor. They were based on the words of Others that, after suspicions on infertility, she is ready to give birth, even from an anonymous donor. Perhaps, the star still decided to use a surrogate father. In addition, they are beloved for a long time did not advertise his novel and almost never appeared in public, being in a relationship. This lasted until until the singer told the media about her pregnancy.

The majority of fans of Joan does not want to believe such speculation. They are convinced that Shepelev is the legal father of the child. However, the Dmitry these rumors hurt much, because he has proved his love to Jeanne and Plato, strongly refuting dubious statements. It is possible that the Shepelev decide to do a DNA test to prove their kinship with Plato. To do this, not necessary to go far: as a leading talk show “In fact”, where often carry out examination to establish paternity, showman can use their influence and to prove to all the haters availability with Platonic relationships. It is assumed that he will even dedicate a separate issue.