Son of Michael Schumacher won the European championship Formula 3 – 24 Channel

Син Міхаеля Шумахера виграв чемпіонат європейської Формули-3 - 24 Канал

19-year-old Mick Schumacher, son of the famous racer Michael Schumacher, became the champion of European Formula 3. The title he got, finishing second on the stage in Hockenheimring.

It is worth noting that Mick by his father, who also won the then German championship of Formula 3 in 1990. And from next year, the Formula 3 will receive the status international, and Schumacher will be able to compete there.

In addition, it is worth noting that in previous years Champions in Formula 3 was pilots like Esteban Windows, and lance Stroll. Also in the series were made by Max Verstappen and Charles Leclere, and George Russell, who next season will compete in Formula 1. Others, too, are the pilots of Formula-1.

It is expected that after two seasons Mick Schumacher, too, could make his debut in Formula 1.

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