Son of the legendary John Lennon was urgently operated on: known cause

The famous British musician Julian Lennon, who is a descendant of a member of The Beatles John Lennon, was immediately operated on. During the examination, the doctor noticed on the body of the artist malignant melanoma.

56-year-old Julian Lennon himself appealed for help to the dermatologist and talked about it on the official instagram page. During the inspection an employee of the hospital noticed that the moles on the head of the artist the wrong form and sent for examination. As it turned out he had malignant melanoma, which could eventually lead to death. Why Julian Lennon was urgently operated on.

He is still recovering from the experience. The man claims that he remembers the mole since childhood, therefore could not think that she can turn into a malignant tumor.

The problem is that you think you have the time. A few days ago, I went to my dermatologist here in Los Angeles when she noticed a small bump on my head, which was actually a mole that has been there for the past 57 years. But it felt a little different
– shared Julian Lennon.

After surgery, the actor continues to undergo tests. The tumor was Julian Lennon sent for examination and took the man for further analysis. Does he dread in the middle of February, therefore, received support from fans and will inform the public about the survey.

“I’ll get those results next week. I can’t tell you how I felt from one moment of joy to the fear that I can leave at any time. I’m still shaking inside! But my faith is strong,” he added .

What is melanoma?This is the most dangerous form of skin cancer that develops from pigment cells melanocytes. Due to violations of the structure of DNA is the uncontrolled malignant proliferation. There are several types of melanoma that affect the prognosis of treatment success of the patient. The disease is deadly if you don’t detect and don’t ask for help from doctors.

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