Sony has opened an official page PlayStation 5

Sony continues to tease gamers with small announcements and news about the PlayStation 5. Console really did not know, so the company invited fans to sign up for the mailing list to receive information first. To do this, even opened a separate page on the official website of the game system.

Now the portal can only enter your information to subscribe to news about the PlayStation 5. The very same Sony promises soon to talk about exact release date and also about the games starting line.

It should be noted that no new information about the PlayStation 5 on the website indicated release is still planned for the holidays 2020.

When they present the PlayStation 5

Officially Sony has not announced a presentation of a PlayStation 5, but one of the creators of God of War David Jaffe said that the event will be held in mid-February. While the company only showed the logo of the console and shared several details about the features of the new generation.

Features PlayStation 5

It is known that Sony’s console will get backward compatibility with consoles of past generations. However, will include support for the DualShock controllers. The console will also receive a not yet available controller DualShock 5. Most likely he will be released along with the PlayStation 5.


Sony has not yet decided on the price of the PlayStation 5. The fact that Sony is going to make their console more attractive, but doesn’t want to sell too cheap, so it all depends on Microsoft and the Xbox Series X.

Though the final price is still unknown, it is expected that the cost of the new console will be around $ 500. Lower price is unlikely, because then it will become not profitable, and the high price may adversely affect competition with the Xbox Series X.

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