Sony has released headphones for 2 thousand dollars: what is their feature

Sony выпустила наушники за 2 тысячи долларов: в чем их особенность

Sony released wired headphones, which are estimated at 2 thousand dollars – 54 thousand hryvnias. As explained by the producers, so the price of the device associated expensive cost of materials.

Gizchina reports that the headphones are created from high quality materials and they are harvested by hand.

What is the feature. These headphones are made of zirconium alloy and corrosion resistant. Each earpiece three emitter: the first – with a diameter of 0.47 inches, the second diameter of 0.2 inches, and the third with balanced armature.

Headphones reproduce the sound with frequency up to 100 kHz. For example, most headphones with a frequency of 20 KHz. This allows you to transmit sound with the most detail and more deep and clear bass.

Sony выпустила наушники за 2 тысячи долларов: в чем их особенность

Headphones are harvested by hand

Along with the device, the user receives a case, 13 pairs of ear cushions and cleaning cloth.

How to create these headphones. Headphones received a silver plating and gold contacts. As has been said, headphones are harvested by hand. All copper wire coated with silver. It protects the headphones against the penetration of oxygen and prevents corrosion. Further, the wire finally entwine with silk to reduce the noise from friction.

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