Sony revealed the specifications of the PlayStation 5

Because Sony was forced to cancel his presentation due to the coronavirus, it was decided to hold online. Therefore, on 18 March, the company has held a presentation in which shared fresh information about its console, the PlayStation 5.

Before the presentation of the network appeared comparative specifications PlayStation 5 with the previous Sony console.

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  • New SSD drive

A Sony representative said during the presentation that the console will receive high-speed NVMe SSD 5.5 GB/s which will be perhaps the key feature of consoles. Just imagine that the console will be able to download the amount of data equal to the average the game of the 2000s, just over a second.

The amount of SSD will be 825 GB. However, if the user is not enough, he can always buy additional external SSD. According to these indicators, the superior console Xbox Series X. it Can be expected that future games for the PlayStation 5 will surprise exactly scale and graphics.

The company has focused on the fact that this will completely get rid of long downloads games. Also this will give developers new possibilities when creating games, which should bring level design to a new level of quality. Additionally, the establishment of the surround patches will also become the past, because they will instantly be integrated into the game after downloading.

  • Graphics processor

In addition to several for developers that are not interesting to the General public, a representative of Sony said that the PlayStation 5 will have full compatibility with the previous console Sony. He noted that at the start of the console it will support almost all the popular titles the PS4. In addition, it is worth noting that the CPU will support basic shaders and new technology ray treysing.

Ray tracing in computer games (Rey treysing) is a solution for creating realistic lighting, reflections and shadows, providing a higher level of realism compared to traditional methods of rendering.

Processing power graphics Play Station 5 amounted to 10.28 teraflops. Xbox Series X, the comparable figure was 12 teraflops, that is purely in numbers, the next generation game console from Microsoft while Sony is ahead of development.

  • Chipset

It is worth noting that the new architecture AMD RDNA 2 GPU runs at maximum clock frequency is 2.23 GHz. However, it is the maximum which it is capable of the console from Sony. In normal mode, the console will run more slowly.

The main processor PS5 – AMD Zen 2 on 8 cores. Everyone can work at a frequency of 3.5 GHz, but the average frequency will change.

  • Sound

One of the important points emphasized during the presentation was the sound. A Sony representative said that the company has really worked hard to make it as best as possible. For it the PlayStation 5 will meet the special audio processing Engine Tempest.

Promise that you will hear the sound of each falling drop of rain in the scenes where he actually will be displayed. This is because each object, which is the source of the sound to be handled separately. This will create a real three-dimensional sound. For example, in the PlayStation 4 for one such object would be to power the processor.

Technical specifications PlayStation 5 compared to the PlayStation 4

In addition to technical characteristics, the company has not said anything more. Also not shown, and the console itself, so we have to wait on the announcement of where the company will introduce the PlayStation 5 officially and completely.

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