“Soon there will be only memories”: Koblevskaya plantations if it’s buried in debris, and deprived of healthy trees

«Скоро останутся только воспоминания»: лесопосадки Коблевской ОТГ утопают в мусоре и лишаются здоровых деревьев

A resident s. novofedorivka Koblevsky if it’s posted on the Internet 2 years ago the video expressed the suspicion that planting along roads, except sanitary cutting, were subjected to acts of illegal deforestation.

The video reflects the clear prospect that the plantings around Sochi will soon be only memories. In addition, a huge space littered with household rubbish, which is clearly not going to be decomposed into molecules and atoms for many, many years, writes complete.news.

Not many villagers are trying to pay attention to this problem, but there are activists who are willing to show the imperfections of their homes.

It is worth noting that the video reflected the cut trees, many of which are completely healthy.

The correspondent of koblevo.news contacted the author of the video, to see what has changed for the better during this time. Unfortunately, the plantations continue to destroy the inhabitants of nearby villages. But a garbage dump, although not updated, for trash rent, but not removed.