South Korea announced the second wave of coronavirus

Южная Корея заявила о второй волне коронавируса

In South Korea, said that the country is already the second wave of morbidity COVID-19. Most of the new cases fixed in Seoul.

In South Korea announced the second wave of morbidity COVID-19 in the country.

As stated on Monday, June 22, the South Korean Director of the centre for control and prevention of diseases of Jung Yoon-Kyung, first in the office awaited the beginning of the second wave in the autumn or winter of this year, writes DW

“Our predictions have proved wrong,” she acknowledged.

According to the Director, center for the second wave of the epidemic was the capital of the country Seoul and its suburbs. In the Seoul Metropolitan area is home to almost half of the approximately 52 million people of South Korea.

Statement Jung young Ken sounded suddenly, as official data indicate a small number of coronavirus infections in the country. Sunday, 21 June, announced 17 new cases – it was the first time since may 26, when South Korea was identified less than 20 infections.

However, according to the Director of the center for control and prevention of diseases, the first wave of the epidemic in the country ended in late April. The second began in may. In June, the majority of cases was recorded in Seoul.

In the whole period of the pandemic in South Korea, there were 12 436 cases COVID-19, died of illness 280 people.

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