“Space” greetings: the first time tested the degree booster

"Космическое" поздравление: в Украине впервые прошли испытания степени ракеты-носителя

For the first time in the modern history of Ukraine there was held the test stage of the launch vehicle. So, August 23 held a burn of the third stage of the carrier rocket of middle class “Cyclone-4”.

This is the final and most important test before the first flight tests of the third stage of the carrier rocket, according to the design Bureau “southern”.

Sam “Cyclone-4” will work directly in space and bring satellites into orbit. During fire tests the system worked perfectly, engine extent included five times as planned by designers design Bureau “South”.

Tested extent found to be successful. The design Bureau also promised to submit a more detailed report after completion of the entire set of tests.

On Independence Day, space the state of Ukraine,
notes of KB “southern”.

What is a booster?Booster – a device designed to display useful Luggage space. The most common disposable multi-stage rockets. Disposable rockets are high reliability through maximum simplification of all the elements.

A three-stage launch vehicles are considered to be structurally most complex.