Space hygiene: how does the toilet on the ISS – video

Космическая гигиена: как работает туалет на МКС – видео

Космическая гигиена: как работает туалет на МКС – видео

When was in its infancy and space flight was short, the first devices for the collection of human waste was in the form of diapers. Now the astronauts are on the ships and ISS full bathrooms that will comfortably go to the toilet. Tell how to operate these devices.

24 channel talked about how it looked the first device for the collection of human waste is designed for use by astronauts. More about this can be read in our material.

A little about the space toilet

Since the first space stations – the American Skylab and the Soviet “Salyut-3” – for the health of the astronauts had a special cleaning system. However, on the International space station (ISS) toilet working on some different principle. The astronauts wash using wet wipes or soap and water, Packed in tubes. The crew uses a special shampoo that rinses away easily, and edible toothpaste to save water.

In microgravity on the space station you must use the fan suction system, the waste products of the person, in fact, blow out the air flow.

The ISS has two bathrooms, one contains in the module “Zvezda”, second – in module “Tranquility”, both bathrooms are of Russian production. The toilet in the module “Peace of mind” similar to that installed in the Russian Zvezda module, but is additionally equipped with the American engine of regeneration of non-potable water from urine and sweat of astronauts.

Космическая гигиена: как работает туалет на МКС – видео

Космическая гигиена: как работает туалет на МКС – видео

The toilet on the ISS, the Zarya module, and the module Destiny

Now on the ISS delivered a new bathroom for us segment of the station. He arrived on the ship Dragon and his Crew have to mount to the end of the year.

Space toilets have the official name of the Waste and Hygiene Compartments. After suction all the waste break down into oxygen and water, these components of the liquid waste person gets into a vicious cycle of the space station.

The toilet at the station is designed for both men and women – looks very similar to the terrestrial counterpart, but has a number of design features. The toilet is equipped with latches for legs and thighs, it mounted powerful air pumps. The astronaut is fastened with special spring mount to the toilet seat, then turns on a powerful fan and opens the suction hole, where the air flow carries away all the waste.

The principle of operation of the toilet on the ISS

In the toilets instead of water, use the vacuum. Solid waste is collected in special plastic mesh bags that some time stored in an aluminium 20 litre containers.

Filled containers shift in the cargo transport ship “Progress” for further utilization. After absorption of the liquid waste is collected using a special hose with a nozzle, which can be used by both men and women, and then passed to the recovery system, which restores them to the status of drinking water.

On the ISS the air out of the toilets before entering the dwelling sure is filtered to remove bacteria and odor.

In the video prepared by the specialists of NASA, Russian cosmonauts acquaint the audience with the original system, developed by Soviet specialists for the Soyuz spacecraft. They were the most universal and is still used as a common principle of operation of the lavatory on the ISS.

The video demonstrates the system washroom station

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