Space Perspective presented the project space of the balloon Neptune for tourists

Space Perspective представила проект космического воздушного шара Neptune для туристов

The subject of space tourism continues to be one of the most interesting in the further development, since only today, many space agencies and companies started talking seriously about how to start to take some first steps in this direction. That company Space Perspective today demonstrated the first attempts to build his new project space balloon Neptune, whose main goal and objective is to provide everyone the opportunity to rise in the near space and look at Earth as it is done by real astronauts on the ISS.

This, of course, not talking about a full-scale sortie into outer space, but rather about the possibility of lifting the balloon to a height of 100 thousand meters above sea level, which in itself is quite an impressive figure. As for the balloon, it is a cross between a standard terrestrial balloon and the spacecraft, operating on liquid fuel, and the height of the disclosures of the ball is 650 feet.

Inside it offers really luxury interior, with a separate bar, toilets and exits-terraces, which will open a magnificent view of outer space and the Earth itself, although many technical issues and nuances regarding the interior decoration are still being discussed – however, exactly as the question of when it is scheduled to begin the first tour in that format. Experts from the Space Perspective suggests that they could be held even before 2022, if everything goes according to the preliminary plan and other concurrent projects.

Given the fact that the draft space of the balloon Neptune one way or another relies on many third-party theme development, it becomes clear that he has quite a high success rate in final sales – especially if the company will take all necessary steps in order to increase the ultimate level of safe operation of the balloon in the space environment.

Space Perspective представила проект космического воздушного шара Neptune для туристов

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