Space station inside the asteroid: scientists suggest that the

Космическая станция внутри астероида: что предлагают ученые

Such a station would be protected from cosmic radiation and allowed to extract minerals. In recent years, the asteroids are often called “flying gold mines” because of the reserves of metals in the subsoil.

And the group is now made that fully justified it would be to drill a deep space inside the stone, to build this space station, and to extract minerals.

According to Daily Star, scientists have proved that it is mathematically possible in the case of an asteroid of the correct form. It is possible to drill a hole in it and install a station width of a few hundred meters inside it. But they also warned that the logistical possibilities of such a concept remain a problem. So you will need a few decades to embody the idea into reality.

The “correct” asteroid

Some scientists say that until now little is known about the internal structure of asteroids to guarantee the success of such an integrated space station. Nobody can say for sure that during the work the stone will fall to pieces. According to the scientist from the Vienna University of Thomas Mindle, a station on the asteroid there are two key benefits.

She will be protected from harmful radiation and unleashes cosmic “miners”.

If we find stable enough asteroid, we won’t need aluminum wall or something. You can simply use the entire asteroid as a space station
– he explained.

This asteroid must be composed of solid rock and rotate one to three times per minute to provide the desired gravity for successful operation in his bowels. Under these conditions, appears the force of gravity, similar to that observed on the surface of Mars. Its strength will be equal to 38% of earth’s gravity. But it’s close enough to the earth technique successfully worked in the bowels of the asteroid.

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