Space the price of vegetables in Kharkov: buyers a heartbeat

Космическая цена на овощи в Харькове: покупатели хватаются за сердце

Another trip to the store from Kharkov Tamara Stepanovka shocked. The woman decided to skimp on the soup: take a little cabbage and a few onions. And when he came with the content at the cashier, then the amount of the check was just taken aback.

“A couple of bulbs draped in 300 grams plus cabbage 700 grams. All this cost me almost 40 UAH. I too clutched at his heart. And I didn’t buy no potatoes, no meat. Where such prices?” – outraged Tamara Stepanovna.

In one week the price of white cabbage has made a rapid leap. This vegetable has risen by almost 40%. Now in Kharkov kilogram of vegetables costs about 30 UAH.

To the heights of space has risen and the price of onions, complain Kharkiv. It is 22 hryvnia has risen to 34 hryvnia. Experts claim that the price of onion was predictable. All because last year Ukrainian agrarians planted and harvested this vegetable is much less than ate to consumers.

“Domestic the bow Ukrainians had until Feb. And then I had to buy Asia, significantly more expensive. So now the prices on the bazaars and markets has grown rapidly,” explains the Director of the Ukrainian Association of trade networks suppliers Oleksiy Doroshenko.

According to experts, the price of onion will not fall until the new crop. And it will not be before August.

According to the materials: