Spaceship “Federation” equipped with powerful recovery system

After the incident with the start of the “Soyuz MS-10” and the emergency landing of the international crew, which occurred under extreme conditions, it was decided to pay special attention to safety in future projects.

Космический корабль «Федерация» оборудуют мощной системой спасения

Spaceship “Federation”, which in the future needs to deliver members of the lunar orbital expedition, equipped with powerful recovery system in case of accident at any stage of the flight. According to the project developers, the head part of the ship must immediately break away from the booster and delivered to the Ground. In the life support system of the next generation will include principles for the use of new fuels, as well as design solutions, which allow immediate disconnection of the ship from the stairs.

Rocket “Federation” will be tested in five years. Test close to the International project of the lunar station where the expedition members will be delivered to the natural satellite.

The accident resulting in the failure of the valve “Soyuz MS-10”, is being investigated by experts, with the connection of the investigation team of the complex “Baikonur”. There is a risk of translation of the International space station in unmanned mode, which greatly undermine the reputation of the “Roskosmos”.

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