SpaceX first picked up the rocket after launch

SpaceX впервые поймала часть ракеты после запуска

SpaceX managed to “catch” one of the boosters of the Falcon Heavy rocket after its launch. The frame on this element of the design of the rocket, which is already in the grid on the ship Go Microsoft. Tree, showed in the 74th minute broadcast of the flight.

Note, for the first time for employees of the company SpaceX attempted to catch one of the two valves of the head fairing of the rocket was successful. Reported on the success of Twitter CEO Elon Musk.

“Microsoft. Tree caught the wing of the Falcon!!!” – happy Mask.

It should be noted, the cost of the fairing is about $ 6 million, and the effect on sea water, it is undesirable.

We will remind, on June 25, SpaceX is the third time in history launched heavy rocket Falcon Heavy. The side boosters have successfully landed on surface site, and Central couldn’t get on the floating platform in the Atlantic ocean and fell beside her in the water.

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