SpaceX first tested the “Martian spaceship”: photo and video

SpaceX впервые испытала "марсианский корабль": фото и видео

Company SpaceX performed the first “prywatny” the launch of the test sample Starship missiles, which received the name Starhopper. As expected, in the future test missile will make “jumping” to a height of 5 kilometers.

As reports “League. News” trial version Starship called Starhopper, turned on the engine and a few seconds salival methane. The missile was attached to the soil, so the test had no takeoff.

“Starhopper finished tied jump. All systems go,” tweeted Elon Musk.

On this machine the engineers work out technology take-off, landing, balance, etc. – all within the framework of ground-based and suborbital VTOL tests.

Test launch of SpaceX rocket Starhopper – watch videos

The orbital version of Starship will be much taller and more elegant presents, with a large amount of methane Raptor engines, with thicker shell, smooth and mirror surface, and with a smoothly curved nose section.

SpaceX впервые испытала "марсианский корабль": фото и видео

Test rocket SpaceX Starhopper experienced

SpaceX впервые испытала "марсианский корабль": фото и видео

SpaceX Starhopper was fixed on the ground

In November 2018, Musk said the new rocket with the spacecraft will be known as the Starship, and the huge main stage – Super Heavy. This project is designed to deliver people to the moon and back, to Mars and to other places in the Solar system.

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