SpaceX has described how he created a futuristic space suit for manned spacecraft Crew Dragon

SpaceX рассказала, как создавался футуристический скафандр для пилотируемого корабля Crew Dragon

The company SpaceX, which is about to become the third most expensive non-public company in the world, has published on its YouTube channel a new video with the telling title “Inside the Space Suit Lab”.

In this video the engineers of the company told about the new emergency Space suit that looks more like the futuristic clothes of the superhero blockbusters than usual suits. It is reported by the Informant Tech, referring to ITC.

Suit own development SpaceX refers to the suits light type, which are called the rescue – they wear it only during takeoff and landing. For spacewalk suits are not designed. Their purpose is completely different – to serve as backup life-support systems of a spacecraft if they are suddenly denied because of an accident, and act as a protective shell during ejection in the atmosphere. This suit is 100% in-house development SpaceX. On the futuristic look of the suit worked for a famous Hollywood art Director Jose Fernandez, the Creator of the costumes of superheroes such as Batman, Iron Man, Man-spider, etc. interestingly, initially came up with the design, and only after that added “filling”.

The SpaceX suit is characterized primarily by the fabrication – it is created individually for each astronaut and has a solid design, even the gloves and shoes are not removable with Germersheim and waterproof zipper. This basic zip through which is realized the entrance to space suit is between your legs. The detailed specifications of the suit in the official documentation not disclosed – most of the information is simply classified. When an astronaut Crew Dragon sits in a chair and connects the suit to the ship via life-supporting cable (connector on right hip), that allows to use communication and supports the required pressure. Also suit SpaceX has a refractory outer layer and built-in protection of auditory organs.

Futuristic helmet made on a 3D printer with individual design contains microphones for connection and valves to control the pressure. Another important attribute of the SpaceX spacesuit gloves to work with touch screens systems control of the ship, they also work under pressure. Designers of the suit emphasized that this suit is “not just a suit,” and very “personal thing” for the whole team. It is known that the creation of the suit took SpaceX four years. The first prototype of the suit was tested on the dummy Starman, which in 2018 went into space on the convertible Tesla Roadster cherry color to this day crisscrossing its expanse.