SpaceX set a date for the first manned launch Crew Dragon

Only a few bureaucratic procedures separates SpaceX from first manned launch to the ISS Crew Dragon vehicle to astronauts aboard. All technical equipment, including the carrier and the ship completely ready for the manned missions. The launch is scheduled for may 7. A little more and SpaceX will pick up from the Roscosmos contract to deliver Americans to the ISS.

Representatives of NASA announced that the SpaceX company has conducted all the necessary preparations to send into orbit a spacecraft Crew Dragon crew on Board. Now have to fill a lot of documents, writes BI.

Manned flight Crew Dragon

The launch is tentatively scheduled for may 7. This will be the first flight of man into space to private comic of the ship. All test flight Crew Dragon went smoothly, including the tests of the rescue system of the crew, and now SpaceX needs to solve the case with the papers to get the final admission to manned flights.

Mark Geyer, the Director’s Johnson Space center, confirmed that the launch is scheduled for may 7. He added that this is still an unofficial date, and plans could still change – the launch may take place in April, may or June.

Previously, the company showed the ship Crew Dragon who will carry out the first manned flight to the ISS by a private company.

SpaceX confirmed that the ship is ready to fly. The launch Crew Dragon will open for US the possibility of a permanent presence on the ISS through its own ships, in the past this NASA buying seats on the Russian Soyuz spacecraft.

Recruitment SpaceX

It also became known that SpaceX has a new consultant – bill Gerstenmaier, the former head of the manned program of NASA and one of the most influential experts in the field of space, recognized not only in USA but also in other countries.

Participation in the manned space programs of NASA completes the efforts of SpaceX to create a multidisciplinary space Corporation. She’s been sending into orbit of various satellites, including heavy, exerting significant pressure on the prices of their competitors.

A new stage

Space X also creates its own system of satellite communication and has become the owner of the largest constellations, ahead of the number already derived vehicles all satellite operators combined. The company is now close to becoming the main carrier of astronauts to the ISS. Roscosmos with their disposable rockets and disposable ships simply can not compete with the company Ilona Mask.

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