SpaceX successfully launched a Falcon 9 rocket with the satellite GPS: video

SpaceX успешно запустила ракету Falcon 9 со спутником GPS: видео

SpaceX успешно запустила ракету Falcon 9 со спутником GPS: видео

On Tuesday evening the company Elon musk has launched the third satellite of the new generation GPS III SV03 Lockheed Martin. It is much superior to all existing devices on the orbit characteristics.

As reported thealphacentauri, the rocket launched from complex 40 U.S. air force base at Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA.

What launched Sputnik

The device is intended to increase the accuracy of determining the location three times. Lockheed Martin did not disclose accurate information, but notes that this precision is less than the length of the arm.

Manufacturer seriously worried about the security issues and the possibility of jamming the signal. The US army is actively using on the battle field of satellite technology and augmented reality technology, therefore, accurate and continuous location determination is a critical factor in the operation of GPS. “Drown out” the signal to a potential enemy now will be much harder (according to the developer – 8 times).

Lockheed Martin has seriously worked on the unit. Now he is better prepared for the harsh conditions of space.

Do not forget about the civil needs. Machine series GPS III will be the first satellite that sends a signal L1C. Soon it will begin to use other devices GNSS (global navigation satellite systems) like the European Galileo. This will allow GPS receivers to receive signals from different systems, not just GPS, which will significantly increase the speed and accuracy.

It is on the Falcon 9 rocket GPS in December 2018 was launched the first device of a new generation. A second satellite into orbit has sent the last version of the Delta IV Medium.

In September 2017 th U.S. air force signed with Lockheed Martin a new contract for the construction of another 22 satellites of this generation. It is planned that in the next 7 years, all groups of GPS will be replaced for new devices.

Video of the launch of the Falcon 9 rocket

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