Spain ended the state of emergency

В Испании завершилось чрезвычайное положение

In Spain, on Sunday, June 21, ended the state of emergency imposed in connection with the epidemic of coronavirus, reports El Pais.

PE operated in the country since 14 March after six times in a row. The last two times Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said in Parliament enough votes for such a decision.

Yesterday, on the eve of the completion of the emergency, the Prime Minister in a televised address thanked all who participated in the fight against the epidemic but stressed that the virus may return and need to do everything possible to avoid such a scenario.

Completion of a state of emergency means that the Autonomous regions will again get full power, which had its introduction and the end of restrictions on travel between the Autonomous regions.

In addition, with today’s open borders for travelers from Schengen countries.

The health Ministry of Spain announced that all travelers will have to undergo at airports triple control because of the danger of the spread of coronavirus.

Quarantine restrictions, which still continue, are different for different regions depending on epidemic situation in each of them. More than half have already moved on to the last phase of the easing of restrictions.

According to the latest data of the Ministry of health, the epidemic in Spain claimed the lives of 28 of 322 people, which is the third highest figure in Europe after the UK and Italy.