Spam on OnePlus 7 Pro: the company apologized for sending suspicious messages

Спам на OnePlus 7 Pro: в компании извинились за рассылку подозрительных сообщений

Shortly after the scandal with the leak of information, the owners of smartphones OnePlus 7 Pro faced with a new problem. Flagship smartphones started getting weird push notifications from the manufacturer. Chinese vendor hastened to explain the reasons for this “failure” and apologized to users.

As reported mspoweruser, within two hours after the start of sending messages OnePlus apologized to “the victim” on the official forum.

The reason of spamming. As it turned out, the cause of the incident was accidental sending of test messages to the team that is testing the beta version of Android Q. as a result, instead of a single recipient of the message received by many users of gadget worldwide.

Push messages sent during the test development team OxygenOS. Because of an error in the testing process we accidentally sent the planned test messages to users of the OnePlus OxygenOS 7 Pro. We want to assure you that this incident does not carry any risk to your personal data
– said representatives of the company.

The company assured users that in the future this error will not be repeated.

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