Specialists of the Zaporozhye regional clinical hospital will tell you how to prevent a stroke

Специалисты Запорожской областной клинической больницы расскажут, как предотвратить инсульт

In regional clinical hospital will be a press conference with the aim of awareness-raising campaigns on the fight against stroke among the population of Zaporozhye region

In the world every 6 seconds a person dies due to stroke. The victims of this disease become both older and young people who do not look after their health and neglect the simple rules of prevention – regular monitoring of doctors, the blood pressure measurement.

A stroke is an acute cerebrovascular disease. It can cause a clot that occlude a cerebral vessel or rupture a blood vessel in the brain, causing brain cells are deprived of oxygen and die.

Risk factors for stroke are: hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, Smoking, overweight, stress, lack of exercise.

Symptoms of a stroke:

– inability to smile,

– asymmetry one half of the face,

– inability to raise two hands

– violation of speech

– sudden severe headache.

How to prevent disease and what to do in case of its occurrence tell:

• head, division of vascular and endovascular surgery Ermolaev, Evgeny Vasilievich;

• head of the Department of neurology for patients with ischemic Maratova Leila Yu. n.

Visit the conference say STOP stroke!

Those wishing to participate are waiting for July 28 at 9: 30 at the main building of the hospital.

Tel.(095) 388 35 02, (099) 602 89 52.