Specifications and prices of Intel 10 generations “lit up” in the network

Характеристики и цены процессоров Intel 10 поколения "засветили" в сети

The network has repeatedly appeared information about the Intel of the tenth generation Comet Lake for desktop computers. Now it is known that the collection will include 13 models, while the top i9 will receive 10 cores.

Main characteristics of Intel’s Comet Lake. As ithome reported, the new processors, as mentioned earlier, will be performed at 14 +++ nanometer process technology.

The number of cores varies from 4 to 10, and the value of TDP – from 62 to 105 watts in top models. One of the main differences from the ninth generation of processors should be a new socket LGA +1159, which replaced the LGA 1151.

Характеристики и цены процессоров Intel 10 поколения "засветили" в сети

Processors Comet Lake

Prices on Intel’s Comet Lake. Most affordable solution from Intel in the next generation should be a 4-core Core i3-10100 that works at a frequency of 3.8 GHz with overclocking to 4.2 GHz on all cores simultaneously. It will cost $ 125 (about 3 200 USD).

“Average” Core i5-10400 with 6 cores and a base frequency of 3.0 GHz (overclock to 4.2 GHz on all cores) will cost $ 179 (about 4,600 USD).

The flagship of the line will be a 10-core Core i9-10900KF that operates at a frequency of 3.4 GHz and supports overclocking of all cores to 4.6 GHz and one up to 5.2 GHz. If you believe the insider information, this processor will cost $ 499 (about 12 800 hryvnia) – about the same as now asking for a Core i9-9900K.

Release date Intel Comet Lake. It is expected that desktop processors Comet Lake will be available only in 2020.

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