Spectacular footage: Hubble took new pictures of the ice giants

Впечатляющие кадры: Hubble сделал новые снимки ледяных гигантов

The Hubble telescope managed to make a new impressive images of the ice giants Neptune and Uranus. The footage captured a huge white cloud, located at the North pole of Uranus, as well as large dark storm in the Northern hemisphere of Neptune, according ONLINE.UA with reference to the NASA website.

Scientists have commented on a new and unique photo taken by the Hubble telescope. They believe that the “polar cap” of clouds on Uranus has been brightened as the result of seasonal changes in atmospheric flow on the planet. They also noticed that next to the “polar cap” on the picture is noticeably smaller bright cloud of methane ice.

In the picture of Neptune visible dark anticyclone that appeared in the southern hemisphere of the planet. This is the fourth anticyclone, which oversees Hubble. Near the storm observed a bright “cloud companion”, which are formed when the upward movement of the air flow occurring with the vortex, which starts the formation of crystals of methane ice. Similar clouds are formed on Earth over the mountains.

NASA said that the last time such a close shots of Neptune and Uranus were received only in 1986 and 1989, when by the frost giants flying apparatus “Voyager 2”. But those images did not allow to study seasonal changes in the atmosphere of Uranus and Neptune. Therefore, the researchers used the Hubble space telescope, shots which allow to follow the dynamics of atmospheric processes on these planets.