Spectaculator in the Hague accused the President of Kosovo Thaci, of war crimes

Спецпрокуратура в Гааге обвинила президента Косово Тачи в военных преступлениях

Also he is charged with crimes against humanity.

In the Hague, the specialized Prosecutor’s office brought charges to the President of the partially recognized state of Kosovo Hashim Thaci, of war crimes.

He and the former speaker of the Kosovo Parliament, Kadri Veseli, and several former militants of the “Kosovo Liberation army” are charged with crimes against humanity and war crimes. This, in particular, nearly a hundred murders, kidnappings and torture, says European Western Balkans. The indictment consists of ten items.

The crimes referred to in the charges relate to hundreds of victims of the Kosovo Albanians, Serbs, Roma and other ethnic groups.

“This is the result of a lengthy investigation and reflects the determination of spectrometry that she can prove all the charges. The judge Kosovo specialized pre-trial chamber is currently reviewing the indictment to decide whether to confirm the charges”, – is spoken in the message.

It is noted that Thaci and Veseli tried to prevent the work of the court and escape justice.

Hashim Thaci is the fifth President of Kosovo from April 2016.

More immediately after a victory on parliamentary elections of 2007, Thaci said that he would seek the Declaration of independence of Kosovo unilaterally. 17 February 2008, the deputies of the Kosovo Parliament declared the independence of the former Autonomous province of Kosovo from Serbia. Categorically against independence of Kosovo, recognized by a number of countries, were from Serbia: Ministry of internal Affairs of the Republic even opened a criminal case against Thaci, Sejdiu and speaker krasnici.

17 February 2008, Kosovo declared its independence. 26 Feb 2016 elected President of Kosovo, and on April 7 took office.

The special court sits in the Hague, but is part of the judicial system of Kosovo. The Republic of Kosovo declared its independence from Serbia in 2008, according to the results of the quorum of the Assembly of Kosovo. The Republic was recognized by about 100 States out of 193 member countries of the UN. Ukraine does not recognize it as a state and considers it part of Serbia.