Speculation about the influence of the Russian Federation on the formation of the new Cabinet is irrelevant – the expert

Спекуляции о влиянии РФ на формирование нового Кабмина неуместны - эксперт

Any guess about the possible Russian influence on the formation of the government of Ukraine are inappropriate, since the main task of the new team is to accelerate reforms in the context of European integration.

About it in Brussels at a conference on reforms in Ukraine, said Deputy Director General of the Razumkov Centre Yuriy Yakymenko, informs UKRINFORM.

The expert presented the report of the Razumkov Centre “Ukraine 2019-2020: wide possibilities, inconsistent results”. The event was held in the premises of the mission of Canada to the EU under the auspices of the Brussels liaison Office of the Ukrainian analytical agencies.

“Concerning the question about possible Russian influence in the formation of the government. There are many different assumptions, were disclosed, that the effect exists. Talking about the persona of the time of Yanukovych’s regime or about their relationship with Russian business or political circles. At this stage it is difficult to comment on such assumptions – it was such an impact, or it was not. So many things will depend on the President. Some of the key Ministers in the new government will remain. This is primarily for law enforcement and people who are directly involved in efforts to curb Russian aggression,” – said the expert.

Answering the question, could influence the appointment of new Ministers contacts between Zelensky and advisers of Putin, the expert said: “Advisors should advise the President to listen to them, but that he is responsible for the result and for the actions appointed persons”.

In his opinion, is inappropriate to talk about the failures or braking on the way to European integration.

“We have a situation where the new composition of the government to improve its efficiency and effectiveness in the implementation of reforms that will give a positive result for the President. So now we have a new government. They need to speed up reforms that meet primarily the interests of the population of Ukraine”, – said Yakimenko.