Speculators very much, Gaitan told about the prenup with her husband

Аферистов очень много, – Гайтана рассказала о брачном договоре с мужем

Ukrainian singer Gaitana has stunned fans with an unexpected confession. In the network, the actress said that immediately after his marriage to a sound-producer Alex Smart she signed a prenup.

This practice is common abroad, but in Ukraine does not have such popularity. However, according to Gaitan on his official Instagram page, the marriage contract is needed for each pair.

Marriage contract – a deal that could be like before marriage and during married life. The agreement may contain a lot of points, but usually applies to property and financial savings. When you divorce, a prenuptial contract can regulate the distribution of property and alimony.

The initiator of this idea in her family was husband – Alex Smart. The solution of the sound producer has not taken in order to protect their savings, and to show in reality – he is not seeking to deceive at that time famous and rich in the Gaitan. Probably a similar situation the artist was, so the marriage contract is not upset her.

“I’ll tell you a secret! A marriage contract need! As soon as my husband and I got married, he asked me to arrange him a marriage contract. For the first time in my life I heard from the man that he wants me and my parents never had any doubt of the sincerity of our love. Honestly, I was very happy! After all my bitter experience has taught me that speculators very much. They skillfully manipulating you, accusing you in disbelief, but in order to give your money and property,” said Gaitan.

What is known about the marriage Gaitana?Robbie Williams – one of the few stars who is not eager to expose their private lives on display. Only in 2017, the artist introduced fans with her husband, Alex Smart. The couples wedding was a mystery, and Gaitana took place in 2016. The famous couple now lives in Kiev and is raising a daughter Sapphire-Nicole.